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Snapshot of Fall 2014 GCC Event

ONE-YEAR AT GOIZUETA: DEEPTI DABRAL – Time to Suit Up and Get Recruitment Ready

Yes, the Summer is over. So, what next? In the coming semester, the academic rigor of our electives won’t dilute and the recruiting season will be in full bloom. Networking efforts are ramping up. This blog might make it look like I am looking for a job at a Career Management Center of a business school. Even though I do not want to sound preachy, I still want to share some of my most important learnings with anyone and everyone who is serious about securing an on-campus job offer in an organization that interests the student and provides her the launch pad for...

Rainbow Zebras at the Federal Reserve

One-Year at Goizueta: Alanna Holman – Building a Strong and Colorful Team

The summer semester has flown by and I am actually sad. I will not miss the demand of meeting intense deadlines, but I will miss being in the same classroom with my awesome One-Year classmates, and mostly my Rainbow Zebras. If you can believe it…after countless hours together over the past three months, we are still talking to each other and we like each other! At the beginning of the summer, we were told that your core study team could make or break your summer experience. My team has made it even better than I anticipated. Our One-Year classmates...

Balancing Act_02

One-Year At Goizueta: Keiylene Strickland- The Summer Experience: A Balancing Act

The months leading up to business school, I crafted three specific goals I wanted to accomplish during the course of my year at GBS: to develop as a leader, to round out my business education both inside and outside of the classroom and, to launch a career I am passionate about. In theory, this seemed like a foolproof plan. I felt I had a realistic expectation of the summer ahead of me walking into the first day of onboarding. I had spent the spring seeking out alumni of the program and had countless conversations about the “summer experience”. Along...



We asked a few of our Two-Year MBA current students to blog regularly in order to provide a snapshot of their Goizueta experience. Meet Amy High 17MBA. Name: Amy High Class Year: 2017 Concentration: Business Process Consulting Previous Employer & Position: Senior Product Marketing Manager at The Advisory Board Company in Washington, DC Undergraduate Institution & Major: Deloitte & Senior Consultant Why I chose Goizueta: Tight-knit community, highly accessible alumni base, and warm weather! Twitter Handle: @Charlene_Thomas

Coke Visit


“It’s the final countdown!  Dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun!”  Europe’s classic 1986 anthem blares on the speakers while people around me bob their heads and bust out their best air guitar performances.  Rock concert or karaoke competition?  Nope!  Five minutes before at Finance Final in a Goizueta classroom?  Bingo! It is hard to believe how fast this summer has gone by and that we are almost done with the Core!  Only group projects and presentations stand between us and a 10-day vacation, but from the look on our faces, you’d think we were high school seniors anxiously...

Fort Benning_Group2

ONE-YEAR AT GOIZUETA: Keiylene Strickland – The Fort Benning Leadership Reaction Course: A Sunday to Remember

04:45 – my alarm goes off Wait, it’s a Sunday. What is happening? It’s the Fort Benning Leadership Reaction Course Day. We have been talking about this day for weeks and it is finally here. I pull myself out of bed and stagger around to get ready. Sunblock, check. Eye protection, concerning, but check. Change of clothes for when we get wet, check. I load up the car and head to GBS. 06:00 – arrive on campus Have you ever seen a zombie apocalypse? Ask a class of MBA students to arrive on campus at 6:00am on Sunday and...


ONE-YEAR AT GOIZUETA: AMANDA LINTELMAN – A comparison: First Block and Second Block of Summer Semester

During the summer session, you will complete all required coursework for your MBA. The summer session at Goizueta is split into two blocks. The first block lasts about six and a half weeks, whereas the second block is just over four weeks. Block 1 Classes: Economics, Data & Decision Analysis (DDA), Leadership & Organizational Strategy (LOS), Process & Systems Management (PSM), Management Practice (MP) For me, the first block was much more aligned with my prior experience and skillset. I majored in economics in undergrad, and spent five years prior to graduate school working in consulting. Don’t let that...


ONE-YEAR AT GOIZUETA: AMANDA PEGUES – From Brooklyn to Brookhaven: A reflection on the MBA transition experience

A self-proclaimed “big city” girl, I looked forward to the change of pace that moving to Atlanta offered. I said goodbye to the epic adventure that was New York City two months ago. My decision to attend the Goizueta Business School was affirmed not only by the remarkable people that I met on campus, but also by the idea of taking part in a close-knit learning community. With just over 60 students the one-year program provides an ideal opportunity to build relationships with classmates and faculty, and a welcome environment that champions a sense of professional intimacy. Living in...