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My GMSC Team celebrating completing our graded presentation on a beautiful day in Atlanta.

GMSC SERIES: Laurie Manning – Presentation Day!

The last phase of the GMSC process consists of two large deliverables: report and presentation. The report is a 50-page document plus appendices that details the journey and process that we took to come up with our final recommendation and walks the client through the recommendation, implementation, and next steps. The PowerPoint presentation is a slide deck of about 40 main slides and additional appendix slides. The actual presentation has to be completed in 30 minutes and there is another 30 minutes for questions. Typically, each GMSC team presents to their client, to the leadership team for a grade,...


ONE-YEAR AT GOIZUETA: JENNYFER GOUNÉ – Goizueta Consortium Experience in One Year

Looking back at this past year, many of my greatest memories happened with my fellow Consortium classmates here at Goizueta. From the Orientation Program in June to the end of year celebration and BBQ pool parties in between, the Consortium community here at Goizueta has made a profound impact on my overall GBS experience. Here is a snapshot of my year in the Emory Goizueta CGSM community! Summer 2014 Consortium Orientation Program (Austin, TX)      Fall 2014 Consortium Real Talk with Dean Brian Mitchell    Consortium Thanksgiving Potluck   Spring 2015 Consortium Game Night    End of Year...

Atlanta Midtown

ONE-YEAR AT GOIZUETA: JENNYFER GOUNÉ – Why I did My Mid Semester Module in Atlanta

I spent my Mid Semester Module (MSM) here in Atlanta participating in the Power & Influence MSM taught by Professor Rodney Lacey. Despite the fact that I chose not to partake in an international module, I truly gained some important tools that I will use throughout my career by opting to take this course. Furthermore, participating in an Atlanta MSM enabled me to take two additional weeks off after the course ended to spend time at home with my friends and family who I hadn’t seen in a very long time. The three greatest takeaways of the Power &...


On the Leadership Coaching Fellows Program

Via In the span of the Leadership Coaching Fellows Program at Goizueta Business School, MBA Mark Thomas witnessed what he described as the evolution of a team. To get a sense of a baseline of a given group, Thomas asked students how they would assess common situations a leader in a given business encounters regularly.

My GMSC Team being welcomed by our client during our company visit.

GMSC SERIES: Laurie Manning – GMSC Process Pt. 2: The Research Project

The second part of the GMSC process contains the bulk of the work. This is where we had to buckle down and do the research to answer our key question and ultimately come up with a recommendation for our client. My team decided the best way to answer our question was through secondary research, focus groups, in depth interviews, and an online survey. One of the members of the team was lead of each of the types of research (Quantitative, Qualitative, and Secondary) and delegated tasks to group members in order to complete the work. I am the Secondary...

Remember the towers from the movie Entrapment? Even better in person


I am not Athenian or Greek, but a citizen of the world – Socrates What does it mean to be a citizen of the world? As business leaders, we can no longer operate with a focus on what is currently affecting our own countries. Globalization is nothing new. But how often do you leave your home for an extended period of time to experience different cultures? At Goizueta, every spring we have the chance to fulfill our international requirement by participating in a variety of Mid-Semester Modules (MSMs). Many students choose to travel to one of five trips planned...