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Goizueta IMPACT: From Classroom to Client 0

Goizueta IMPACT: From Classroom to Client

I first learned about Goizueta IMPACT at Welcome Weekend as a prospective student. Sometime during that whirlwind, the faculty explained the IMPACT program – as part of the core curriculum we would learn problem solving and presentation skills in the Fall and apply them in the Spring with a client team. As a consultant before business school, I was familiar with project-based client work, and liked the idea of bringing it into the classroom. But between the packed schedule and meeting my future classmates, curriculum details took a backseat. I didn’t think much about IMPACT again until school started....



  Goizueta affiliates prevailed at the annual Emory University Veteran’s Day Celebration. The celebration is organized by the Emory Veteran’s Association (EVA), which is led by co-presidents and Goizueta MBA students Charles Stewart 17MBA and Steven Blackmon 17MBA. The MC of the event was Dr. Jeff Rosensweig, Goizueta professor of finance and director of the Global Perspectives Program. Goizueta alum U.S. Army Major Jonathan Keen gave the keynote speech for this year’s event. In addition, several active-duty Goizueta students were part of the color guard. To read about the event, click here.



Submitted by MAJ Paul Lowman (Marines), second semester student in the Weekend Executive MBA program and one of Goizueta’s Fort Benning Fellows. Fall 2016 was a real eye-opener.  The WEMBA program has the same number of class hours and academic requirements as other programs so the learning curve is steep and the nights of studying are long.  The truth is, I wouldn’t have it any other way!  This is a great challenge, but thankfully, there are fellow vets, students, and the phenomenal staff and faculty at GBS to overcome all that is placed in your path.  In all seriousness,...



Submitted by Sacha Silvana (Army), first-year student in the Two Year MBA program This fall at Goizueta I had the opportunity to participate in a wide array of activities.  One of the main highlights for me was getting to know my high caliber classmates.  The class sizes are relatively small, which allows you to really bond with your classmates.  Not only do you get to know them personally, but you learn many new skills from working closely with them.  Goizueta does an outstanding job at creating a class of accomplished individuals from a variety of backgrounds.  Pertaining to academics, a...


Goizueta designated as military-friend school

GI Jobs/Victory Media has awarded the Goizueta Business School with their 2017 Military Friendly Schools designation. This is the fifth year in a row that Goizueta has been recognized with this award. We have also been selected as a Top Ten Graduate School for military veterans. Rankings are based on services available to students, funding provided, and student success outcomes. The faculty, staff and students at Goizueta are pleased to receive this designation in recognition of the priority we put on veteran student success. We remain committed to the recruitment of strong military-affiliated applicants to our five MBA formats. For the...


One-Year MBA Program Frequently Asked Questions

In working as a Goizueta Ambassador, helping prospective students with their MBA choice, and speaking to friends and colleagues about their MBA interests, I get many questions about the One-Year MBA Program here at GBS. I always enjoy talking about the program and answering questions about it, but I thought it would be a great idea to formalize some of the frequently asked questions I get in a post to help prospective students or even anyone with a curiosity about what a One-Year MBA program looks and feels like. I will tackle the experiential side of things, but please...



Submitted by Grant McGarry (Army), current student in the Weekend Executive MBA program. This fall I attended the Hope Awards Dinner on November 3rd at the Fox Theatre’s Egyptian Ballroom with some of Emory’s veteran MBA cohort.  The event supported veterans and their families to end homelessness in Atlanta. Retired Lieutenant General Ken Keen delivered a passionate call-to-action to End Homelessness in Atlanta.  Furthermore, there were a lot of people representing Atlanta’s real estate companies and as a result of everyone’s contributions the dinner raised $390,000. The money will be used to provide services to countless veterans and their loved...


Global Learning: Health Innovation & Entrepreneurship in South Africa

I’m probably in over my head. This thought dominated my head space the morning of July 27th, as I made my way downstairs to join the other participants of the inaugural ANDI-EMORY Health Technology Innovation workshop. Myself and three other business students, four law students and four Phd students were gathered in a 5 star hotel with highly accomplished professionals in the international science, business and law arenas to address a very important issue: access to affordable and sustainable solutions for neglected disease in Africa. My role as an MBA student was to help African fellows create business  presentations for...