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Global Learning: Health Innovation & Entrepreneurship in South Africa

I’m probably in over my head. This thought dominated my head space the morning of July 27th, as I made my way downstairs to join the other participants of the inaugural ANDI-EMORY Health Technology Innovation workshop. Myself and three other business students, four law students and four Phd students were gathered in a 5 star hotel with highly accomplished professionals in the international science, business and law arenas to address a very important issue: access to affordable and sustainable solutions for neglected disease in Africa. My role as an MBA student was to help African fellows create business  presentations for...


Delta, Goizueta announce MSM partnership

It is only October and already there is more excitement around Mid-Semester Modules than ever before. Mid-Semester Modules are held around Spring Break and include international trips. But, before we talk about what happened Wednesday, let’s briefly talk about what happened on Aug. 22, when first-year MBA students were finishing up Block 1 of core classes and second- and One-Year MBA students returned for the fall semester. The whole building was quiet as Dean Brian Mitchell revealed the seven 2017 MSM locations (video above). As each of the countries was announced, the excitement in the room grew to point...


Health Technology Innovation in Africa: Goizueta’s Core Values at Work

This summer, three GBS classmates and I had the opportunity to join in on an ongoing partnership which perfectly exemplifies Goizueta’s core value of Collaboration. The partnership between the African Network for Drugs and Diagnostic Innovation (ANDI) and Emory kicked off this year; its goal is to support African scientist-entrepreneurs in bringing their biotech inventions through the most challenging periods of commercialization and all the way to market, where they can have real impact on people’s health and well-being. The biotech projects the partnership supports are local innovations driven by local talent in hopes of addressing pressing and traditionally-neglected local health...