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Guest Post: Natalie Fisk – Evening MBAs Can Be Social Too

Below is a guest post from current Evening MBA student Natalie Fisk:  As a full time employee and part-time student, I found it hard to imagine maintaining a social life once I started Emory’s evening program. I arrived at Emory fully willing to sacrifice my personal freedoms in exchange for a prestigious degree. However, I quickly learned that the Emory Evening MBA Program Office not only supports multiple networking events throughout the year, but they actually encourage us to go out and have fun during our down time! Since most of the students in the evening program are at...


On the Leadership Coaching Fellows Program

Via In the span of the Leadership Coaching Fellows Program at Goizueta Business School, MBA Mark Thomas witnessed what he described as the evolution of a team. To get a sense of a baseline of a given group, Thomas asked students how they would assess common situations a leader in a given business encounters regularly.