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Small program, big opportunities

One of my favorite things about Goizueta is the small size of our program. With only 181 students in my class, I’m able to greet everyone by name. The close-knit, personal nature of our community and the bonds I’ve been able to form with my classmates have made my Goizueta experience truly extraordinary.


Five ways Goizueta helps you navigate the job application process

Many people choose to pursue their MBA because they want to make a pivot in their career. If you are one of those people, one of your top priorities in school is making sure you find the right job you want to move to next. Goizueta helps you find the right opportunity and gives you a big boost in the application process.


Exploring paths to purpose at the Net Impact Conference

When a conference FAQ page includes “Why are there so many zombies?”, you know it’s going to be a great couple of days! Under the theme of “path to purpose,” over 2,000 students and professionals gathered in Atlanta over Halloween weekend next to a zombie convention(!) for the 25th Anniversary Net Impact Conference.