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Goizueta Gives’ Partnership with 21st Century Leaders Continues Despite Ongoing Pandemic

In 2018 when I happened to visit Goizueta during the school’s annual Inside Goizueta Diversity Conference, I met Karina de Sousa 19MBA, a Social Enterprise at Goizueta (SE@G) fellow. She spoke very highly of the organization. Since then, I knew that if accepted to Goizueta, I wanted to get involved in one or more of the clubs that sat under SE@G. Fast forward to my Core semester in the fall of 2019, I met Sam Oldroyd 20MBA, the then-vice president of Goizueta Gives, a community service–oriented club whose mission is to have a positive impact on the greater Georgia community by connecting students...

Clubs go beyond just business, allow students to create real connections

There is never a dull moment at Goizueta. You arrive here on campus surrounded by hundreds of new friends who are equally ambitious and interesting people, and together you get to dive in and explore interest and activities, either by joining formal clubs or just gathering together with classmates to explore similar interests. There is something here for everyone.