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My Summer in Venture

Tim Lam 23MBA on his journey to venture, four key lessons, and some extra musings about his time as a Summer Fellow at Fin Capital in New York City.

SOCAP22: Top Themes & Takeaways in Impact Investing 

Goizueta’s Business & Society Institute team including Brian Goebel, Alina Bills 24EvMBA24, Dylan Bahena, Sam Moss, and Nikhil Mathur 23MBA attended SOCAP 2022 where they enjoyed learning and networking with social entrepreneurs and impact investors from all over the world. Here are the top themes and takeways in impact investing.

Megan Trudo 24MBA

What Led Me to Choose Goizueta, Factoring in Diversity

An important factor in the decision-making process for MBA programs was the diversity of the environment. Throughout my research, I looked for information from different schools about diversity initiatives and commitments, and eventually heard about Inside Goizueta, Emory University Goizueta Business School’s diversity conference for the MBA program.