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Class projects benefit professional, personal life

Projects: an application of the cases we discuss in the classroom? A chance to test out our strategies? One last assignment before spring break or graduation? Whatever it may be, almost all the coursework at Goizueta has some very interesting class projects to work on. This spring, I am particularly excited for our semester-long class project in Applied Investment Management.


Concentrating in Marketing Analytics at Emory

Now that I’m finished with Full-Time recruiting, I’ll be focusing most of my energy on my coursework during my last semester at Goizueta. Since most of the required classes in our program are front-loaded during the first semester of our time here, we have three full semesters to take electives and explore different areas of the business school.


Into the Real World: Visiting Home Depot

Buzz words come and go every year: O2O, blockchain, VR, machine learning, big data, cloud computing, AI and more. However, no matter how fancy they sound, it comes down to the business data scientists utilizing these technologies and correctly collecting and processing data to create real business impact.