EMBA students standing on Goizueta steps

The Case for Making a Career Pivot…Now

Research I recently conducted confirms that professionals wanting to make a career pivot should not be afraid to make a change. In a nutshell, my study found that workers who were determined to pivot were mostly successful within one year, although some took longer.

Classmates taking a fun photo in the sunset on our last night in Norway

Fjord Explorer

The Global Experiential Module (GEM) was a big draw in applying to Goizueta as I was unable to study abroad during my undergrad. Several of my friends had transformational experiences, and I was hoping to replicate that in some form. But with the extending pandemic, I was unsure if we’d be able to experience this GEM opportunity that is central to the Goizueta experience.

Executive MBA classroom

Personalizing the Academic Experience for Immediate Career Impact

Career pivoters are survivors, courageous and determined. They refuse to be defined by antiquated views of what their career should look like and instead pursue the challenge of trying something new in search of better opportunities and upward mobility. These are some of the findings from a new research study I conducted as an Executive MBA student at Goizueta. I was able to conduct the research as a Directed Study that fulfilled one of my elective course requirements.

May Zhou 23BBA

May Zhou Internship Vlog Part 1

May Zhou 23BBA, a Goizueta student studying marketing and environmental science, describes her summer internship at the non-profit, Elemental Excelerator in part one of her video blog series.

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Entrepreneurs Have GRIT

Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone–high risks, charting the unknown, embracing insecurity. But anyone can become an entrepreneur because the skills of entrepreneurship can be learned. Across all those skills is a common theme–entrepreneurs have grit. Forged in this definition of grit, a combination of courage and resolve, lie key traits that an entrepreneur must learn to embody.

Simran Hussain 23BBA

Internship Vlog with Simran Hussain 23BBA

Goizueta student Simran Hussain 23BBA, studying marketing and international business, describes her summer internship at Adidas in part one of her video blog series.

Goizueta Impact Investors (GII) ClimateCAP 2022 Representatives

Future Climate Careers in Reporting and Measuring Climate Impact, Climate Strategies, and Climate Operations

I came two years ago to Goizueta Business School to enhance my skills as a business leader who leaves a positive impact on society. My own passion for sustainability was instilled in me by my birthright as a Costa Rican citizen. It was further reinforced when I realized the inequitable consequences of the climate crisis, a phenomenon that affects every country in the world.