Tis of the Season of Thanks and Toilets

Following the completion of my One-Year MBA, I had the incredible opportunity to reflect the innovation and operational strategy learnings as well social impact business model development skills that I learned while in school into the next generation of my nonprofit organization Wish for WASH Thinks

Steve Kennedy 23EMBA

First Cold Call in Strategic Management

As I talked to the 24EMBA’s moments before their first Strategic Management class with Professor Rob Kazanjian, during our group lunch in August, I was excited for them and contemplative of my own formative experience last fall.  We, the 23EMBA’s, analyzed a case based on a real, mid-20th century product...

Megan Trudo 24MBA

What Led Me to Choose Goizueta, Factoring in Diversity

An important factor in the decision-making process for MBA programs was the diversity of the environment. Throughout my research, I looked for information from different schools about diversity initiatives and commitments, and eventually heard about Inside Goizueta, Emory University Goizueta Business School’s diversity conference for the MBA program.

Chase Bullen 24MBA

Veteran Spotlight: Chase Bullen 24MBA, U.S. Army

Goizueta Business School was the perfect fit for both myself and my family. At Goizueta, the Full-Time MBA program boasts premier instruction through its rigorous core curriculum, prepares MBA candidates for placement in top consulting firms, and overwhelmingly supports its military veterans.

Merritt Choate

Why Not Choose Goizueta?

The brash will answer the question “why” with “why not.” I morphed into one of them over time as I became more convinced that my decision to attend Goizueta was indeed the appropriate choice for me. I recall being asked the question of why I selected Emory’s Goizueta Business School just after I received notice that I had been accepted.

Jasmine wearing her “Minding My Black Owned Business” Tshirt

Yes And

A one-year sprint. A new degree. Emerging from quarantine. Death — life and everything in between.