Author: Brian Mitchell

Usha Rackliff, Assistant Professor in the Practice of Accounting, teaching an Evening MBA Class.

What to look for in an MBA curriculum

There are certain courses and concepts every MBA student should master: time value of money, regression analysis, business strategy, and market segmentation to name a few. Faculty members generally agree on some common elements of required MBA “core” curricula. That list has grown over the years as important topics such as ethics and leadership are now required in many MBA programs.  The Business Roundtable’s acknowledgment that corporations are powerful social actors will have many implications on how business schools prepare leaders today and into the future, just as Milton Friedman’s prioritization of shareholder value has for the past 50...

Five Ways Millennials Have Improved MBA Programs

5 ways millennials have improved MBA programs

Of the many changes in MBA programs over the past decade, one of the most significant has been the generational shift of the student body. The Millennial generation began entering full-time MBA programs in large numbers in the late 2000s and has since grown into the predominant student population. Most of what is written about Millennials is not exactly high praise. However, like all large populations, we understand them better when we segment them. There is a segment of high-achieving Millennials who deserve substantial credit for the re-inventing of the MBA experience. Here are five ways Millennial students have...