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Goizueta’s 3rd Annual Business Analytics Conference demonstrates virtually anything is possible

Goizueta’s 3rd Annual Business Analytics Conference demonstrates virtually anything is possible

The Goizueta Business Analytics conference is one of the most awaited events of the year for MSBA students, staff and graduates. It marks the culmination of the rigorous 10-month program focused on producing industry-ready business data scientists. It is a great opportunity for the MSBA cohort to present the findings of their capstone projects and learn from industry experts about developments in the analytics and data science industry. This year’s conference was a special one since it was completely virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Quite fittingly, this year’s theme was “How Business Analytics has helped organizations adapt to...

Virtual session with Uber

Everything happens for the best

The coronavirus outbreak required changing the annual West Coast Trek to a virtual trip this year. While I still wish that we had had the chance to visit the tech giants in San Francisco Bay Area during the spring break, the virtual West Coast Trek still gave me and my colleagues an opportunity to witness the spirits of rigor, courage and innovation that prevail in the field of technology and encouraged us to think about how we could leverage the skillsets we have to create value for businesses. During the virtual session with Uber, I was fascinated by John...

Hollywood Sign and Golden Gate Bridge

“When life gives you lemons, turn them into an awesome margarita and leave the whole world wondering how you did it”

“Dear Students, we have decided to cancel the physical visit to the West Coast. It was very hard to make this decision after all the work that went into it and the potential benefits to you and our program.” My heart sank into my stomach as I read Dr. Chellappa’s email. As I sat back in my ride and gazed into the San Francisco cityscape, my mind slowly began to process the ramifications of the message. Little did I know my whole senior second semester was going to be turned on its head. The West Coast trek has been...

Diving in during MSBA Insights Day

At around this time last year, I received my admission offer from the Emory Goizueta MSBA program when I had almost no idea of what data science is.

Into the Real World: Visiting Home Depot

Buzz words come and go every year: O2O, blockchain, VR, machine learning, big data, cloud computing, AI and more. However, no matter how fancy they sound, it comes down to the business data scientists utilizing these technologies and correctly collecting and processing data to create real business impact.