Being a dog lover, my morning walk with my St. Bernard, Stache is a daily highlight.

Transitioning from work to school, trying to stay ahead.

On the way into the office thinking about what emails need to go out and how to organize and balance my day and especially the paper that I need to turn-in.

Getting my EMBA has really helped me gain a new perspective and mange global projects.

I have open door-policy – some of the best ideas and insights come that way.

Another day turning to night…trying to get out of the office.

Travelling for Work:

Traveling for work and preparing for my week of meetings and doing some course reading over the course of my 11-hour flight.

First time in Red Square… March was the wrong time to go. Typically I will spend several weeks in another city working.

Travelling to Class in Atlanta:

Time spent in the Goizueta classroom is filled with lots of diversity,  teamwork and different backgrounds. The thought process gives a good breadth of perspective.

One of the biggest advantages for me – one of the reasons why I picked Emory – is that it (Goizueta) isn’t all about Finance.