ONE-YEAR AT GOIZUETA: AMANDA LINTELMAN – Student Impact: Executive Board & Advisory Council

One of the great leadership opportunities available to one year MBAs is the executive board of the class. The positions include President, Social Chair, Honor Council Rep, and Core Values Rep. About a week into the summer semester nominations for the above positions open up and are followed by short speeches at the end of an onboarding day. After speeches, the elections will remain open for a few days. President and Social Chair are pretty self-explanatory; but I’ll take a moment to explain Honor Council and Core Values Reps.


One Year Class President Scott Jones

Honor Council is responsible for reviewing any cases brought forward pertaining to honor code violations. The University takes its honor code very seriously and relies upon students, staff, and professors to report any potential violations. The one year Honor Council Rep has the responsibility to participate in any honor council hearings. Core Values at Emory are shared with one year MBAs from day one. The Core Values Rep is responsible for ensuring that these values are upheld and recognizing classmates that serve as examples for a particular value.


Winners of the Core Values Awards with Dean Brian

Another great way to get involved aside from the executive board is the Advisory Council. This group works alongside Katie Lloyd, Director of Admissions for the One Year Program, and Corey Dortch, Director of Student Life and Engagement, to focus on specific goals throughout the summer. This year, the Advisory Council organized in groups focused on: Admissions, Career Management, Onboarding, and Summer Experience.

As part of the Admissions group, I had the opportunity to work directly with Katie Lloyd focusing on outreach to prospective students. One of the most important things for me as I was choosing Emory was the fantastic sense of community and the connection I made with current students and administrators. Thus, I’ve made it a goal to connect with prospective students as much as possible in this role! I also worked to organize networking receptions in Atlanta and DC (my hometown) for prospective students.

The Career Management group had three main goals. First, they wanted to increase exposure to industry by aligning speakers and class visits with student career goals. Along those lines, they also strove to create peer groups so that Goizueta students can leverage the fantastic peer network to learn about companies of interest, industries, and career paths. Lastly, the group increased student connections with the career center by creating a day of events focusing on casing and networking, for example.

Having just gone through Onboarding, this group had a lot of momentum and motivation. Specifically, they were focused on improvements to the pre-arrival aspects of onboarding including changes to pre-arrival communications and checklists, as well as increased communication amongst students before arriving to campus. As part of the academic portion of onboarding, goals included streamlined required readings and improving the timelines of class material availability so students could purchase materials before the start of the semester. One of our international students took it upon himself to specifically focus on improvements in this arena. Aspects included a housing tutorial, IT struggles, and a contact group focused on international students specifically.

Finally, the Summer Experience group focused on the survey that would be administered to all One Year students at the end of the two summer blocks. Aspects of the survey focused on academic, social, co-curricular, and resources. The Advisory Council members had a chance to provide specific input on each category to ensure that appropriate questions were asked so that the best information could be obtained.

Overall, the Advisory Council is a great way to get involved and make a strong impact on the current and future state of the One Year Program. It also allows you to work closely with a core group of your peers and flex your leadership muscles. If you’re passionate about a particular area of interest, you can have the chance to make strides in seeing your vision become a reality. This was one of my favorite activities to be involved in over the summer!