ONE-YEAR AT GOIZUETA: ERIN NUSBAUM REHM – All Good Things Must Come to an End

One of the most highly anticipated, yet truly bittersweet events transpired within the past month. The Class of 2014 graduated. We were filed away as alumni, to make room for the incoming new students. Those that will quickly learn that summer parking in the Fishburne deck should not be taken for granted. Those that will discover that the salad bar in the hospital cafeteria is curiously cheaper than the salad bar in neighboring Cox Hall. That with enough caffeine and will power, they can accomplish any assignment.

And with that, please allow me to wax poetically about what Goizueta has given me, and what I have learned about myself during my brief 365 days on campus.

  Goizueta has given me an extremely high quality group of friends, some of which are staying in Atlanta, and some of which are venturing out and will be receiving visitors in the near future.

Goizueta has taught me what I really want in a career. We can attribute that to the Career Management Center and the job exploration process.

Goizueta taught me how to be brave. While I had certainly been brave in the past, my experience relit that desire within me. I am now more confident than ever in myself on a professional and personal level.

Goizueta (rather, the people at Goizueta) taught me random words and phrases in different languages, as well as different cuisines and beverages. While I am not exactly fluent in Russian, I can say “thank you.”

Goizueta has taught me how to frame business problems from multiple perspectives. I will definitely chalk that one up to the amazing and diverse group of colleagues at GBS. Not only do you learn from the professors, but you learn from your classmates.

I am excited to take all that I have learned to my new position at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. I will be joining their Financial Planning and Strategy team and am very excited for what the future holds.

And with all that Goizueta has given me, it is now time for me to give back. I must deliver the message of GBS that initially drew me and thousands of others in. I must give my time, my enthusiasm and (some of) my money so that Emory’s Goizueta Business school MBA programs continue to uphold the community and spirit that makes this place so special.

With that, I will leave you with some photos from graduation and sign off. Thank you for reading and best regards,