ONE-YEAR AT GOIZUETA: ERIN NUSBAUM REHM – Introducing the Standard Deviants

As promised by One Year MBAs of the past, things are starting to kick into high gear for Block 2. Since this block is only 4 weeks long and shorter than the last by a few days, we are already about halfway done. Some would say that the block is half empty, but I would argue that the block is half full! Bad joke, I apologize.

I also promised that I would properly introduce my team in this post. Since I spend more time with them than I do my spouse, they surely deserve some credit for putting up with my nuttiness for the last 3 months. The MBA program office puts a lot of work into determining who gets tethered together for the summer months. They attempt to place you with people who couldn’t be more different in background, personality and problem-solving methodology than you. As I mentioned before, it has been a struggle with all members on all teams, but a truly enriching experience. So without further ado, here is team 2, the Standard Deviants:

Mariana  – a spunky entrepreneur and marketing expert from Brazil. She is the president of our One Year class and a natural born leader. Mariana seems to do it all – she takes her studies very seriously and manages to be in the epicenter of all things social.

Jason – an Atlanta native who just can’t get enough of Emory – he came here for his undergraduate studies! Jason has a background in Corporate Finance and truly excels with networking. He remembers everyone he has ever met, and I am sure they remember him (charming smile and all) as well.

Alex – a seemingly quiet and serious Russian finance expert. I say seemingly because Alex has a fantastic sense of humor and knows the right times to speak up.  Alex is an extremely hard worker and an even better father to 2 year old Sophie. He has a knack for building financial models and creating unsolicited nicknames.

Will – a US Navy vet who is into film production and classic car restoration. If I had a nickel for every Will I met, I would have 5 cents. He is the most tirelessly enthusiastic person in our class, and is always ready to share his uniquely awesome perspective. When we need a pick-me-up, Will is there.

Erin – me, obviously. My team knows that it is time to break for the day when I begin singing and dancing instead of calculating and theorizing. I also provide excellent Youtube videos and am the resident Excel ninja.

As you can clearly tell, we are all very different from one another. The MBA program directors did their jobs.  Yet, when we come together and work efficiently, we seem to create things that are greater than the sum of our parts. This whole “teamwork” thing has definitely been the most challenging aspect of business school thus far, but it has also been the most gratifying and (dare I say?!) enjoyable.