One-Year at Goizueta: Erin Nusbaum Rehm – Post Two

It is hard to believe that a month of classes has elapsed, and that we are nearing the end of Summer Block 1! It seemed like just yesterday I was buying school supplies and sharpening my pencils. The past few weeks have certainly been a challenge, even a struggle at times, but oh so enlightening. Sure the team meetings run long, the readings never end and the need for eight hours of sleep is a distant past, but once I took a step back and looked at this semester as a whole for a moment, it dawned on me:  the classes are all related to one another, each lecture is built upon the last, and very similar overarching lessons are being taught through several different lenses. It is all connected! For example, I think we have discussed different strategy choices of companies in the following classes: Management Practice, Leading Organizations & Strategy (obviously), Process & Systems Management and Data & Decision Analysis. In undergrad, as wonderful as it was, each class I took was discrete and singularly-focused. At Goizueta, it all weaves together in a magical way.  It is amazing what wonders you stumble upon when sleep-deprived.

Team Meeting for Management Practice paper:

If the academic workload wasn’t enough, we have all embarked on our career exploration process, courtesy of the Career Management Center (affectionately called the CMC). You may be thinking what I am thinking: we JUST started school; can’t I relax for a minute before I begin trying to find a job? The answer is no.  No I can’t.  As it turns out, there is a massive amount of practice and work that goes into the interviewing process, as well as industry and company research, and networking that must be done. Luckily, the CMC equips us with wonderful resources at every turn: each student has a personal career coach, an alumni coach and the benefit of the entire Goizueta network at his or her fingertips. With on-campus recruiting beginning at the beginning of September, the CMC wants us to be the most confident, prepared, robust versions of ourselves possible, so beginning now is essential.

All this talk about Academics and the CMC would make one believe that all we do is work. Well, my friends, that simply is not true. One of our class’s new favorite pastimes is the weekly KEGS (Keeping Everyone at Goizueta Social) event in the Business School courtyard.  As one can easily predict, there are kegs of beer involved. It is a fantastic way to wind down at the end of the week and soak up some of that Vitamin D we are all so lacking. The best part is that families and canine children are invited! There is always a pool party or cook-out each weekend as well, so that we can spend even more quality time together.

My only regret about not enrolling in a two-year program is the fact that I will only be spending one year with these incredible people I met less than 90 days ago.

Teammate Alex and me discussing team Economics HW: