Greetings, friends. My, oh my, how this semester is just whizzing by.  As an update from the last post, I would like to report that job offers have started rolling in for some of Goizueta’s finest.  People (myself included) have stared at their phones incessantly, awaiting the phone to ring from somebody other than Mom and Husband. Today, no joke, I ran out of class to answer a 404 number, and it ended up being my local Rite-Aid telling me that my prescription was ready for pick up…

I just love hearing good news from my classmates and seeing all their hard work finally paying off. It also means that people are beginning to relax a bit – either because they have an offer, or because they are on hiatus until spring recruiting season begins.

Anyway, the real reason for this post is to talk a little bit about why the One Year program may be a great choice for you!! I have been inspired by the people who I have met at recruiting events who actually read my blog (as opposed to just the admissions office). Not only have they totally made my day (or week/month/etc) by telling me that they enjoy my blog, but they have been incredible individuals who have asked excellent questions on why this program was ideal for me. And every time, I try to convince them why the program would be perfect for them as well! Hopefully this supplements any wonderful advice that Katie Lloyd and the crew at the admissions office provides.

Statement: The One Year Program is ideal for those who “know what they want to do.”

Answer: I mean, who really knows exactly what they want to do? If I did what I really wanted to do, I would be somewhere in Italy as a food and pasta taste tester. The reason to come to business school is to learn and gain new perspectives!  While having an idea of your post-MBA career development is helpful, about half of my one year class are considered “career-switchers.”

But what about that summer internship? Isn’t that necessary to get your foot in the door?

Unless you want to do brand management at Coca-Cola or investment banking at Goldman Sachs, you don’t need that internship. If you want to test the waters, it would probably be helpful, but if you know you want to go into product management for a technology company, you don’t need the internship. Companies are impressed with the one year timeline, and won’t necessarily question your choice.

Do you miss out on anything by being a One-Year versus the traditional Two-Year student?

Of course by giving up an entire year, you do give up some things. For example, there are not a ton of leadership opportunities (clubs, student government, etc) for One Years. We give up about one or two elective classes. But we are only out of the workforce for one year! And we have that summer. (If you are not familiar with my summer, please scroll down). That summer was incredible.

That’s all for now! If you have burning questions, feel free to reach out to me at I know the deadline for Round 2 is approaching (deep breaths), and I would be more than happy to provide any assistance!

The crew out celebrating HK’s birthday!: