I can’t believe the second semester is already half over. Time flies. At the end of the summer semester I managed to catch a quick trip to Seattle to visit my sister. While it was a relaxing trip, it was the calm before the storm. I haven’t stopped since the fall semester started. Recruiting is an equally time consuming task as is studying for classes. However, the entire journey has been accompanied by new and challenging experiences, new team members, exploring new and exciting places. I went to Chicago in October and plan to do Miami in November!

Integration – Twin lakes

When the semester started, the one years and the second years had a 2 day integration program at twin lakes. Well, this time it was more play and even more work. In addition, I finally understand the real meaning behind ‘Hotlanta’. Only GBS will make you do community service in the midst of burning hot sun. We were rewarded as well. We went to this swanky dinner place with an open tab. The rest is history.

Toast to first years

In continuation to the Goizueta Legacy, we ‘welcomed’ the class of 2016 with the clapping ceremony. They were left awestruck. 150 of us clapping and welcoming the entire 2016 class was not only an emotional moment for them but also a surprising one. This was followed by the coca cola toast!

Goizueta Career Connection

While the networking season is on, Goizueta hosted their first ever networking session at the Georgia Aquarium. It was surely a posh event attended by most of the companies that recruit at Goizueta. While this is an annual event, for the first time it was held at the Georgia Aquarium. Believe me, I am not an aquarium guy… but this place was magnificent! I am told it has an aquarium as big as a football field. I in fact stayed for a couple of hours extra just to have a look around the aquarium (for free)

Diwali Function

I also get elected as the one year representative of the South Asian Student Association. As a member, I spear headed the first ever Diwali function for entire GBS. Even though it was the first of its kind event, it witnessed significant participation. We had Biryani and Indian sweets as food. There was Indian (Bollywood) music playing throughout the event and it was good to see non-Indian students enjoying everything as well. We also bought some basic firecrackers. This most likely will become an annual event and will be even bigger next year!

Tomorrowworld 2014

This was on my bucket list since 3-4 years. The day I got my admit letter to Emory, I had decided I will be a part of Tomorrowworld 2014. A dream come true, Tomorrowworld was one of the best times I have had till now. The fact that it is in the midst of hills and forests but just 30 minutes away from the school makes it even more exciting. If you are coming to Goizueta next year and like this kind of music, you should probably buy tickets right now! The next stop for me is Ultra Miami 2015!

In another month and a half even this semester will be over. Then just one more semester to Graduation. If you are wondering, I am actually glad I chose to do the one year program. If you are sure of what you want to do and have good work experience then I would really recommend the one year program.