As soon as I stepped into the doors at Mars Petcare, I knew this summer was going to be great.  The entry walls of the office are covered with giant pictures of pets, and the Mars Key Principles are plastered on the walls bringing back memories of Goizueta’s Core Values.  It seems like forever ago I started my MBA journey, and I never would have guessed I would have ended up in Nashville at a company like Mars Petcare when I started school just one year ago.

As I slowly made my way to my desk on my first day, I ended up stopping and meeting a ton of very interesting co-workers.  And I mean interesting.  Seriously, it’s not every office that has dogs on leashes attached to their owners’ desk.  Need a break?  Grab some toys and treats and go play with your four-legged co-workers.  And does your office have a Cat Room?  I didn’t think so.

The summer has already gone by quickly, but it hasn’t all been easy.  Coming from a non-CPG background, this world was completely new to me.  Not only learning the P&L, but the P&L of a private company that does things its own way has been difficult.  But, I’ve utilized key skills from classes like Data & Decision Analysis, Managerial Accounting, and Management Practice (to name only a few classes) that have really helped me showcase my abilities.

On top of what I’ve accomplished at the office, Mars has really focused on treating the interns to a great summer.  We’ve had the opportunity to volunteer at the Pedigree Pet Adoption Tent at the CMA Music Fest, enjoyed the Mars Day at the Zoo, and even participated in 2 days of associate development with classes taught by fellow associates (and a night of dueling pianos to celebrate).

The biggest downfall: I’ve eaten way too many M&M’s, Snickers, Twix, Starbursts, and all of the other goodies that are lying around the office. Free candy is one of the sweet perks of working for a company like Mars, and I can’t wait to see where the rest of the summer takes me.