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Top 5 Application Tips

One of the most stressful yet fulfilling experiences I’ve had since starting my MBA journey is completing the Two-Year MBA application process. I spent hundreds of hours in the early mornings and late at night after work researching schools, developing my application packet, prepping for standardized tests, and preparing for...

Peek behind the curtain: A real look at MBA admissions

Peek behind the curtain: A real look at MBA admissions

MBA admissions is an interesting business. We are tasked with creating classes every year that become a part of our school’s community and representatives of our school to the world for the rest of their lives. We endorse incoming students and hope they live up to their essays and letters...

5 tips for work-life balance in business school

In order to get the most out of your time in business school, you’ll need to make some changes to your regular schedule. I often tell prospective students that starting school while maintaining a career and personal life is like jumping onto a moving treadmill.