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The Classes that Change Your Life

They say that MBA’s change you: that you will see things differently, that you will question things you didn’t before, that you will grow in ways you didn’t think were possible. To be honest, it’s true! In particular, one of those classes at Goizueta that has changed me was Alternative...

Goizueta workshops help improve business skills

If you are a Tableau expert, who cranks out beautiful, useful data visualizations on a regular basis, this article is likely not for you. If, however, you have heard of Tableau, maybe you understand the power of distilling big datasets into digestible visualizations but you haven’t yet downloaded it for free to play with it, keep reading.

Electives Insights: Becoming a ‘good’ negotiator

At the beginning of the spring semester, I entered my Negotiations class with a defeatist attitude. I’m going to be awful at this. I hate conflict, I don’t like being aggressive, I don’t like when people are upset with me. I just want to get through these negotiations as quickly as possible without letting others take advantage of me.

MBA Executives explore government, business relationship during Washington, D.C. trip

The trip started with a bang, as we stepped out from our Uber and into the terrific accommodations at the Mayflower, quite the insider hotel. President Harry S. Truman called it “Washington’s second best address.” The location within the city was amazing, and I jogged to the White House before classes each morning, bonding with classmates.