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Chicago House of Representatives (Rep.) Sean Casten

Climate, Business, and Policy

My favorite event at ClimateCAP 2022 centered around policy systems for the future. The passion the speakers brought to their presentations is what made the event so special. It is no secret that climate change is one of the biggest crises humanity faces in the foreseeable future.

Group of students outside of Goizueta Business School

5 Lessons I Learned During my Core Semester

Since starting business school last August, the time has flown by so fast. It feels like just yesterday my cohort started our Full-Time MBA journey. Throughout my first semester, I was overwhelmed. It felt nearly impossible to effectively manage my time adjusting to academic rigor, establishing new relationships despite social...

Goizueta MBA students enjoying downtown Breckenridge

Atlantalytics: 5 Leadership Lessons From An MBA Ski Trip

Contrary to the name, business school is not all business. In fact, some of the best parts of business school aren’t business-related at all. Sure, there are countless hours spent working on assignments, networking, and interviewing. Still, there are plenty of gaps in between to go back to that college...