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Top five lessons learned in Goizueta’s WEMBA program

It’s been exactly one week since we finished our last final, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’d be lying if I said the adjustment back to school wasn’t challenging. However, it’s been incredible. With one term in the books, here are my five lessons learned: Read ahead of time:...

Q&A with Bill Fagan 17EMBA

Working professionals talk ins and outs of getting an MBA and how Goizueta has helped them professionally.

Top 5 things I wish I knew before doing an MBA

The last 14 months of my Executive MBA have been a rollercoaster and deciding to complete an MBA is not something anyone should take lightly. So, I wanted to share with others the top five things I wish I knew before I started:

5 tips to better networking

I used to think of networking as stressful and laborious. The vision conjured in my mind was of awkward encounters with strangers, inauthentic conversations, jockeying over others to get a handshake, and of “selling” yourself.