I’m Lisa Landsberg, Air Force Veteran and Weekend Executive Class of 2017. The best thing that happened this past fall semester was that I was assigned to a group with four other candidates (3 of us are veterans!) and we formed into a really awesome team and, amid the rollercoaster of life, all had a successful semester together. Now I call them friends and as we move into next term I know I have four people in class that will be looking out for me, and I for them. I am looking forward to staying connected to them well beyond the program which is really amazing.

I love the Veteran’s network at Emory because there is strong bond between veterans in my cohort and many unique networking and volunteer opportunities available to veterans through the university and campus organizations. Emory’s Yellow Ribbon program also enabled me to embark on this incredible journey.

Pictured, Lisa (second from left)  with three fellow veterans at veteran networking reception.