Three takeaways from Colombia Module

My classmates and I with Percy Muente ’08. Photo Credit: Dr. Corey Dortch.

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to travel to Colombia was part of the One-Year MBA module. Due to our accelerated schedule, One-Year students are only able to participate in one Mid-Semester Module (MSM), so this trip ensures the ability to have two opportunities to travel internationally with Goizueta. I was unsure of what to expect when I signed up for the trip in May, but I am very glad to have taken the trip and look forward to participating in an MSM next year! Here are three takeaways from my experience:

Lessons from the Classroom Were Reinforced
As soon as we started the trip, we began seeing the real-world applications of the lessons we learned in the classroom during the summer. We spent the morning of our first day in Bogotá at Kimberly Clark, where we learned about the company’s Colombian operations from Goizueta alumnus Percy Muente. During his presentation, Percy discussed how he works to adapt Kimberly Clark’s well-known brands, such as Huggies, to the Colombian market with changes in packaging, promotion and other strategies. Coincidentally, this topic tied almost perfectly to a case study from our summer marketing class, and it was fantastic to see the lessons we learned brought to life. Our other site visits during the trip, including the U.S. Embassy in Bogotá and ProColombia in Cartagena, were similarly insightful.

I Experienced a New Culture
I love experiencing new countries, and this trip was no exception. Our itinerary provided a good mix of planned activities and free time, and I really enjoyed using that time to discover more about Cartagena. The city has a fascinating history, and sites like the Gold Museum, Palace of Inquisition and the Church of St. Peter Claver provided ample opportunities to learn. As an added bonus, exploring the city helped me chip away at bucket list goal of visiting all 1,037 UNESCO World Heritage sites!

I Recharged Before Electives
The summer core of the One-Year Program can get intense, especially with final exams and group presentations at the end of the semester. Wandering around a new city is one of my favorite ways to relax, and Cartagena did not disappoint in this regard — walking along the beach or on top of the city’s more than 400-year-old walls were both fantastic. The trip was also a great way to bond with my classmates. Goizueta scheduled many social events during the summer, but it was great to spend time with everyone outside of Atlanta and without the pressure of schoolwork.

Dan Webb

Dan Webb

Dan Webb is a One-Year 18MBA student concentrating in marketing and finance. Originally from Rhode Island, he graduated from Bryant University with a degree in Business Administration. Prior to Goizueta, he worked for Global Sales at Delta Air Lines, where he plans to return after graduation.