Delta, Goizueta announce MSM partnership

It is only October and already there is more excitement around Mid-Semester Modules than ever before. Mid-Semester Modules are held around Spring Break and include international trips.

But, before we talk about what happened Wednesday, let’s briefly talk about what happened on Aug. 22, when first-year MBA students were finishing up Block 1 of core classes and second- and One-Year MBA students returned for the fall semester.

The whole building was quiet as Dean Brian Mitchell revealed the seven 2017 MSM locations (video above). As each of the countries was announced, the excitement in the room grew to point where students started cheering and screaming for the places they wanted to travel to.

These are faculty-led travel modules that explore global business while traveling through the country the module focuses on. This year, the seven MSM locations are: China, Colombia, India, Nicaragua (with Social Enterprise @ Goizueta), South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

Students thought the locations were the biggest surprises, but they were wrong.

Now, for Wednesday…

Students knew they’d get a “surprise announcement.” So, they filed into the auditorium, the lights dimmed, and — once again — a video came to life at the front of the room. Music filled the air and a video of Jamie Perkins MBA17, GBA President and Summer Finance Associate at Delta Air Lines, Goizueta Business School Dean Erika James and Matt Long BBA04 MBA12, Domestic & Canada Revenue Manger at Delta Air Lines, introduced the Delta Air Lines Mid-Semester Module Competition.

This competition was created through a new partnership between Goizueta Business School and Delta Air Lines. The competition offers a chance for all Full-Time MBA students traveling to any of the MSM locations, including the Goizueta Advanced Leadership Academy, to win round-trip airfare. To apply students must submit a 150-word essay answering questions provided by Delta on the airlines’ international branding or becoming “the airline of choice for millennial business travelers.” Twenty-five finalists will be selected to present a three-minute speech to Delta’s Chief Marketing Officer and a team of executives. Seven winners will be selected and, upon their return, will meet with Delta CEO Ed Bastian.

In the words of Roberto Goizueta “The labels ‘international’ and ‘domestic’… no longer apply. It’s think global, act global.” This partnership and competition will allow  students to do just that by making it easier for them to travel internationally.