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Full-time ’20 and ’21, and one-year ’21 students with Professor Jan Barton (right corner) after touring a samba school in Rio de Janeiro

GEM Experience in Brazil

As the day for MSMs approached, tensions grew high. “Would we still be able to go to South Korea or would the trip be canceled?” I wondered. The coronavirus was already spreading at an alarming rate through Asia and threatened our prospect of exploring business and culture in an Asian...

Chis Anen

International Travel and GEMS

As any other millennial, I love to travel and traveling was a huge aspect of the MBA experience I was looking forward to. While researching the MBA experience before applying, if you told me all MBA students do is travel I would have believed you. But, when Core started I...

Keepin’ it Rio: A One-Year’s MSM in Brazil

When I decided on a One-Year program for my MBA, I was a little disappointed that although I would cut the journey in half, I probably wouldn’t have the chance to travel as much as my Two-Year counterparts.

The Washington Campus Health Care Policy

Twenty-one speakers, five days, and a tour of Washington’s greatest highlights — what a thrilling week to be a part of The Washington Campus! In one week, I learnt how to better navigate the healthcare policy environment and the interactions among different players within it through diverse and engaging speakers...

Plunkett: UAE offers one-of-a-kind experience

The UAE is a relatively young country established in the early 1970s. The country is home to large oil and natural gas reserves that are the heart of the economy. The nation is quite wealthy, and you can see that wealth all around you as you as explore the cities.