Author: Amanda Pegues


ONE-YEAR AT GOIZUETA: AMANDA PEGUES – From Brooklyn to Brookhaven: A reflection on the MBA transition experience

A self-proclaimed “big city” girl, I looked forward to the change of pace that moving to Atlanta offered. I said goodbye to the epic adventure that was New York City two months ago. My decision to attend the Goizueta Business School was affirmed not only by the remarkable people that I met on campus, but also by the idea of taking part in a close-knit learning community. With just over 60 students the one-year program provides an ideal opportunity to build relationships with classmates and faculty, and a welcome environment that champions a sense of professional intimacy. Living in...



We asked a few of our One-Year MBA current students to blog regularly in order to provide a snapshot of their Goizueta experience over the course of one year. Meet Amanda Pegues 16MBA. Name: Amanda Pegues Class Year: 2016 Concentration: Organization Management & Social Enterprise Previous Employer & Position: J.P. Morgan Investment Bank, Human Resources Undergraduate Institution & Major: University of Wisconsin-Madison Why I chose Goizueta: Goizueta is a notable institution that not only sits on Emory’s gorgeous campus but also boasts great access to the city of Atlanta. In talking with alumni during my application process I was frequently impressed by the level of...