ONE-YEAR AT GOIZUETA: AMANDA PEGUES – From Brooklyn to Brookhaven: A reflection on the MBA transition experience

A self-proclaimed “big city” girl, I looked forward to the change of pace that moving to Atlanta offered. I said goodbye to the epic adventure that was New York City two months ago. My decision to attend the Goizueta Business School was affirmed not only by the remarkable people that I met on campus, but also by the idea of taking part in a close-knit learning community. With just over 60 students the one-year program provides an ideal opportunity to build relationships with classmates and faculty, and a welcome environment that champions a sense of professional intimacy.

Living in Brooklyn, NY for nearly a decade I grew accustomed to a vibrant arts landscape and an ever-thriving social scene. As I prepared for my transition, I was slightly nervous about leaving the grandiose lifestyle of my iconic city. Little did I know that Atlanta, and more specifically Emory, too would boast a very vibrant arts and social scene – one that was somewhat reminiscent of my time in Brooklyn.

I ultimately moved to the city of Brookhaven, a bustling suburb of Atlanta just North of the Emory campus. Charming street and craft fairs of the town have served as a great outlet for me, as I spend time fraternizing with my colleagues after long and engaging study sessions.

From deep dives on industry analysis to passionate discussions over big data, the accelerated program has both challenged my intellect and truly broadened my understanding across a number of disciplines. It doesn’t hurt that my classmates are truly incredible. The “work hard”/”play hard” current runs deep through the cohort – promoting a spirited culture of both academic excellence in the classroom and fun explorations of all Atlanta has to offer.


Our daily groupme chats have helped me to stay “plugged in”. From group orchestrated Braves games outings and museum days to a newly initiated “restaurant club”, I’m beginning to feel like I’ve never left Brooklyn!


As I reflect on my transition, I appreciate how my classmates helped me to uncover the plethora of things to both see and do in the city. From exploring the artsy shops and plentiful collection of restaurants in Virginia Highlands, watching IMAX movies at the Fernbank museum, and the frequent KEGS mixers in Goizueta’s quad, I have seen that GBS students truly take pride in building community through cultural and social experiences. It is through these activities, that I have found a little bit of Brooklyn in Atlanta – making my transition from Brooklyn to Brookhaven all the more easier.