Author: Max Hemm

Developing your own brand

Many people, myself included, come to business school primarily to build our network and hone the skills that will set us up for success. What I didn’t expect was that through experimenting with electives, different roles and responsibilities, and internships, I was also developing a personal brand. Since during internship...

Why I chose Goizueta

Pursuing an MBA is a daunting prospect. Although it opens doors and shifts your career into the fast lane, it requires a leap of faith into the unknown.

How volunteering reinforced the value of teams, processes

On Aug. 28, Emory MBAs reconvened from their summer internships to meet their One-Year colleagues and form teams to do good in the community. Over 200 MBAs were engaged in charitable community service with an enthusiasm that is nearly overwhelming. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to lead...