Concentrating in Marketing Analytics at Emory

Students concentrating in Marketing Analytics (like myself!) have the opportunity to network with professionals at Goizueta’s Marketing Analytics Conference every fall.

Happy February! It’s hard to believe that the class of 2018 is just a few short months away from graduation. The time has flown by!

Now that I’m finished with Full-Time recruiting, I’ll be focusing most of my energy on my coursework during my last semester at Goizueta. Since most of the required classes in our program are front-loaded during the first semester of our time here, we have three full semesters to take electives and explore different areas of the business school. I’ve found this to be a huge advantage, especially for people who aren’t 100 percent sure about their post-graduation plans. For example, I came to Goizueta fully intending to pursue a concentration in Product & Brand Management but ended up switching my focus to Marketing Analytics after taking (and loving!) a few data analytics classes.

I’ll be going into a marketing analytics role after graduation, so I’m taking mostly analytics-focused electives during the remainder of my time here. One of my favorites, Forecasting & Predictive Analytics, is designed to help students get hands-on experience with different methods of using historical data for predictive purposes. Each class is interactive, and we’re all getting practical experience with real-world data.

Another of my favorite classes this semester is Sports Marketing. Thanks to Emory’s strong relationships with Atlanta’s sports franchises, our class will be working on multiple data analysis projects with all of Atlanta’s major teams: the Falcons, the Hawks, the Braves and Atlanta United FC. We’ll be working with real data and presenting our analysis to representatives from each of the teams at the end of the semester, which is very exciting!

While I’m sad that my time at Emory is coming to a close, I’m excited to make the most of my last few classes here. I’m loving all of my electives so far, so I’m sure it will be a great semester!

Katie Hoppenjans

Katie Hoppenjans

Katie Hoppenjans is a second-year MBA student concentrating in Brand Management. She is originally from Columbus, Ohio and graduated from Columbia University with a degree in English. Before coming to Goizueta, Katie worked as a fashion and beauty editor at a national bridal magazine in New York City. This summer, she will be interning at Georgia-Pacific in their Marketing/General Management program.