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MS in Business Analytics: Five Careers in Data Analytics

Before even beginning courses in the MS in Business Analytics degree, I started exploring what types of job opportunities would be available to me after graduating from the program. I came to Emory with the intention of making a career switch and wanted to set myself up for a career that I could enjoy for the long haul. I know that most students come in with the same mindset. As an ambassador for the MSBA program, often the first question that prospective students ask me is related to the career options that the program would create for them. The...

3 Tips to Maximize Your MBA Conference Success

3 Tips to maximize your MBA conference success

I’ve spent the last decade attending MBA career conferences: first as a student, then as a company recruiter, and finally as a career coach for Emory University’s Goizueta Business School. Over the years, I’ve witnessed three mistakes that MBA candidates consistently make that thwart their chances for success. This guide will help you maximize your experience at a career conference and leave with an employment offer.   Craft your personal narrative (A.K.A “The Elevator Pitch”)  When you set foot into a conference showroom, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There will be hundreds of companies, thousands of MBA candidates, and...

5 ways to sink your chances of getting into a top-tier MBA Program

Make mention of MBA studies at work, your next family gathering, or next time you are hanging out with friends and you are likely to get plenty of advice. A quick Google search will provide plenty of additional tips and suggestions for crafting a great application and setting yourself apart on an MBA application. So, with so many resources cracking the MBA admissions code, how do great candidates get denied from top-tier business schools? Through my experience and conversation with colleagues, I have identified five key things that will torpedo your chances. Here they are: Looking to check a...

Small program, big opportunities

One of my favorite things about Goizueta is the small size of our program. With only 181 students in my class, I’m able to greet everyone by name. The close-knit, personal nature of our community and the bonds I’ve been able to form with my classmates have made my Goizueta experience truly extraordinary.

Five ways Goizueta helps you navigate the job application process

Many people choose to pursue their MBA because they want to make a pivot in their career. If you are one of those people, one of your top priorities in school is making sure you find the right job you want to move to next. Goizueta helps you find the right opportunity and gives you a big boost in the application process.



I can’t believe we are already into Block 3. This semester has flown by and I have learned so much in all of our classes, about my classmates, and about myself and what I want to focus on in my career. Blocks 1 and 2 are supposedly the most stressful times of our entire MBA experience, and we have finally made it through! After the end of Block 2 exams, Goizueta had a Halloween party at Sweetwater Brewery. It was so fun to connect and de-stress with classmates, second-years and friends and family – and see all of the...



An important part of the career search process as an MBA student is attending Diversity Career Conferences. There are many to choose from: National Black MBA, National Hispanic MBA, Asian MBA, Reaching Out, among others. All of them give us MBA students an opportunity to talk to recruiters of different companies, practice our elevator pitches and interview skills, and hopefully make important connections that can help us achieve our goals and one day work for our dream companies. These diversity associations have a career fair every year where many companies come with the specific interest to recruit qualified MBA...