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The Best One-Year MBA Programs in the USA

One-Year MBA programs are a great way to get a full-time MBA experience with less career interruption. As the name suggests, One-Year MBA programs are completed in 12 months. These programs, however, are not for everyone and the best One-Year MBA programs in the USA are highly selective. What is...

Part-Time MBA vs Full-Time MBA

Part-Time MBA vs Full-Time MBA

The value of earning an MBA degree has never been higher. For students, the financial return on investment is usually quite significant. Just as important, and sometimes overlooked, is the value to the organizations and communities today’s MBA graduates are being trained to deliver. The need for principled leaders who...

Goizueta Business School

MS in Business Analytics: Five Careers in Data Analytics

Before even beginning courses in the MS in Business Analytics degree, I started exploring what types of job opportunities would be available to me after graduating from the program. I came to Emory with the intention of making a career switch and wanted to set myself up for a career...

3 Tips to Maximize Your MBA Conference Success

3 Tips to maximize your MBA conference success

I’ve spent the last decade attending MBA career conferences: first as a student, then as a company recruiter, and finally as a career coach for Emory University’s Goizueta Business School. Over the years, I’ve witnessed three mistakes that MBA candidates consistently make that thwart their chances for success. This guide...

Natural Products Expo West: Food as a driver of social, environmental causes

“There’s no business to be done on a dead planet.” I thought about this quote a lot in the last couple weeks. In early March, I traveled to Anaheim and attended the 39th annual Natural Products Expo West, the world’s largest trade show focused on natural, organic and healthy food and products.

Career week gets real estate trek

After sitting in the auditorium and listening to the overview about the upcoming career week, I realized that none of the current offerings fit my interests — real estate. Career Week, a requirement for first-year students, consists of a full five days to engage in activities that cater to our own professional development.