Evening MBA Week in the Life: Alex Hale – Friday

8:30 am: I didn’t get to grab breakfast at home but luckily someone brought in these delicious treats.  I can safely say there is no shortage of extra food sitting around our office.  I’m glad everyone has such a sharing attitude.

6 pm: There is no rest for the weary.  I put the finishing touches on a presentation for our operations team.  We have a two day meeting in Green Bay, Wisconsin next week to share ideas and collaborate on a number of projects.  Our facility is a couple blocks from Lambeau Field, so I am excited to see an historic sports landmark.  Also, we are all taking curling lessons one night.  It should be a fun and productive trip.9 pm: It’s time to kick back after a productive week.  I’m watching the Kansas Jayhawks play right now with my roommate Tory who is a die-hard KU fan.  He grew up in Kansas.  Later, we are meeting others at the Hudson Grille to watch our alma mater play in the Sweet 16.  Go Gators!