More Life: A Farewell to B-School

My press conference announcing to the world that I was leaving B-School to go pro.

During my One-Year MBA experience at Emory, I learned how to conduct a thorough company valuation. I learned how the inner workings of mergers and acquisitions. I learned how to run regressions and interpret the results in order to make meaningful business decisions. I have a million other hard skills that I was able to gain from the 1-Year MBA experience, and while they are all extremely valuable to me, I also gained a soft skill that may end up being the most valuable of all: confidence.

Completing two years’ worth of curriculum in one calendar year, while attaining the job I wanted and maintaining a respectable level of grades is something that I am extremely proud of, and I am not alone. In speaking with my classmates, it seems like they all feel the same way. Some traveled across the world to places they never thought they’d ever go, some made the Business School Dean’s List despite not having a business background, some are leaving school as entrepreneurs with their own financially-backed companies. The common thread here is that everyone leaves Emory’s One-Year Program not only with valuable skills and life experiences but also with the knowledge that they tested themselves and passed. We learned that we have what it takes to attain the highest levels of business success, and that knowledge and confidence is something I will always take with me and am forever grateful for.

For perspective students considering this program, please see my previous five blog posts for some more insight to help you make your decision. What I can tell you now is that you will not regret joining the GBS One-Year Program, and if you really lean into all of the opportunities that you want to, you will leave more confident and prepared for the real world than you ever thought possible.


Commemorative cup from our 50 Days ’til graduation celebration that I will want to keep and my wife will want to throw away…

I want to thank all of the classmates, professors, administrators and alumni that shaped my amazing Goizueta Business School experience. It truly was a blast and was worth every penny and every ounce of energy.

Most of all, thank you to all of my readers for following me throughout this journey and for all of the positive feedback.

Please shoot me an email (, or a Tweet (@rohanchatterjee) to keep in touch and to follow along on the next steps of my journey, and so that I can join you on yours.

For the past year, B-School was life. Now I leave more equipped than I ever imagined, impatient to dive into some more life…




Finally have to retire this bad boy…

Rohan Chatterjee

Rohan Chatterjee

Rohan Chatterjee is an MBA student in the One Year program from Atlanta Georgia with a passion for consulting specifically in the healthcare industry. When not blogging or consulting, he can be found watching sports highlights on Twitter, wearing retro sneakers, or exploring the Atlanta food scene with his lovely wife, Sanah. Connect with Rohan on Twitter (@rohanchatterjee) and LinkedIn.