Happy 2014 everybody!

This semester has gotten off to a very interesting start, complemented by some very interesting weather patterns. We were able to get through the first three weeks of class unscathed; however, the fourth brought to Atlanta what many are calling Snowpocalypse, Snowmageddon, Atlan-tarctica and so on. To make a long story short, in the past three weeks, we have had one full week of class, due to snow and ice. What makes it really odd is that one day it will be icy and snowing and the next, it will be nearly Spring. This has caused students and faculty alike to scramble to keep on pace with this semester. Believe it or not, it is almost midterm-time and I feel like I am still in week 3.

As a child, snow days were rare days of pure joy. In South Carolina, we would get snow flurries and the city would shut down. My sister and I would sleep in, make a pathetic excuse for a snowman and drive our parents crazy. Now, snow days are more of an annoyance, especially for those of us in the one year program. We only get one spring semester, and we want to savor it! Especially because the next couple of months will be punctuated with mid-semester modules and spring break. Needless to say, I am certainly ready to get back in the rhythm of a “normal” semester.

So in lieu of apologizing for not getting this post out sooner, I have attached some photos of our lovely Emory campus covered in a peaceful blanket of snow.

The first few flakes. Little did we know what was about to go down: