Summer Intern Series Featuring Josh Arnold – Emory Healthcare

I am a bit over halfway through my internship at this point and it has been a fantastic experience.  My project is to complete a major overhaul of the department’s medical residency website to enhance content, look and feel, user-friendliness, and modernity to continue attracting top talent.  My supervisor, director, and other immediate coworkers made me feel right at home from the first day.  They all treat me as an equal while viewing me as an individual with a different, yet valuable, skill set that can offer a fresh perspective and make a significant contribution to the project.  They were eager to hear my thoughts for the website from our very first meeting and gave me sole ownership of the project.  I have taken an I-will-make-it-happen attitude, especially on things with which I do not have experience, and my bosses have responded very well to this approach.  We meet regular so I can provide updates and recommendations for the website, and they supply me with any new information that could be useful supplements to the project.  In addition to my primary responsibilities, I helped complete a side project within the first few weeks that incorporates QR codes/readers to augment compliance and reduce turnaround time for mandatory ACGME performance evaluations.

One bonus to the internship is regular contact with C-suite hospital administrators to network, and learn more about the organization and their individual roles.  We also have a substantial intern contingent of about 30 people from all over the country, which makes for some great professional and social connections.

There is a lot of work left to do in these final few weeks, but I am looking forward to chiseling away at the project and implementing this masterpiece of a website!

I am not a trained photographer, but I do enjoy being behind the camera. Part of my project requires me to acquire images and videos for the website I am reconstructing. The photo above of Grady illustrates to potential residency program applicants one of the five ob/gyn training sites at which they will rotate. The operating room photos show practice Cesarean section, and labor and delivery procedures:

Finally, the photo of the doctor handing me [behind the camera] the baby is just one of the fun memories so far in my internship. Since I was the only man on the sidelines naturally I had to be the father of that beautiful, plastic, anatomically correct infant that just sprang from the pregnant watermelon belly: