Voice of Goizueta Blogger: Jon Hall – Cheers, Class of 2012

Dear Classmates, Friends and Mentors,

It is hard to sum up the impact you have all had on the Class of 2013 and the entire Goizueta Community in a blog post, but we will try our hardest.  From the first day you welcomed us to GBS to the final formal and informal internship prep conversations, you have all embodied the beliefs of our founder Roberto C. Goizueta.  You challenged us, helped us and brought us into your social circles without question.  One of the greatest things to do is leave a place better than where you found it – we are confident in saying that both Goizueta and the Class of 2013 are better because of you.

Though we are sad to see you go, we sincerely wish you all the best in your future endeavors – whether that may be in creating major investment deals, developing ground-breaking marketing strategies, consulting on some of the toughest business problems, guiding social responsibility policies of Fortune 500 companies or making an immediate impact on our society with your own entrepreneurial venture.  We have certainly seen what you are capable of in the classroom and through personal interactions and are excited to see your future impacts on the world.

Thanks again for all your guidance and don’t forget to save us a job – see you in 12 months!


GBS Full Time Class of 2012

All the Best,

The Class of 2013

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