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Travel Diaries Profile: Meet Ben

Ben  Undergrad: Georgia Tech; BS in Management; BS in International Affairs Pre-MBA: Real Estate Loans at SunTrust Bank Interned: Patterson Real Estate Advisory Group in Atlanta. MBA Studies: Real Estate and Entrepreneurship Best Goizueta memory: It’s happened a bunch of times but I just love sitting in the Commons or walking through the Commons so that I can see my classmates and cut up with them. These two years have been an educational experience, yes, but they’ve been an awesome experience to get to know some great people too. Why Goizueta: I was looking for a school that was...

Ben On Choosing Goizueta

Ben On Choosing Goizueta

Goizueta, more than any of the other places I visited, had a tangible sense of community. Within the first couple of weeks I knew that I had made the right choice. -Ben (Full-Time MBA)

Ben – Experiencing Nicaragua Day 10

Ben – Experiencing Nicaragua Day 10

It’s back to the US for the group except for Peden and I who will stay around for another week to take Spanish classes. What a great trip and a great group of people. I’m already thinking about how I can get back down here after graduation.

Ben – Experiencing Nicaragua Day 9

Cafe Las Flores – After a very early wake-up call, we head to Cafe Las Flores, a coffee farm that also doubles as an eco-tourism destination. What followed was a canopy tour through the farm. Unnnnn-believable. Make sure to ask Ty about how she forgot how to slow down at the end of a zip line and completely smashed into the poor guy on the receiving platform.    

Ben – Experiencing Nicaragua Day 6

Los Pepitos – Last year, this little boy had just had surgery and was crying he was in so much pain. He was confined to his wheelchair and couldn’t do anything. This year, he had a walker he used to move around the playground. It was a thing of beauty to see and the grin he had on his face the whole time made me incredibly happy. We’ve been going pretty hard for a couple of days so a nice afternoon in the sun at the pool hits the spot quite nicely. A nap in a hammock didn’t hurt...

Ben – Experiencing Nicaragua Day 5

La Escuela del Carisal – School Visit – After meeting with the women’s cooperatives, we go to the school down the street for some English lessons. We read a book with them to practice their pronunciation. After reading, we write letters with them. I’m amazed at how dedicated they are to getting their lines so straight. Their penmanship is impeccable. For more check out this cool video: