Travel Diaries Profile: Meet Ben


Undergrad: Georgia Tech; BS in Management; BS in International Affairs

Pre-MBA: Real Estate Loans at SunTrust Bank

Interned: Patterson Real Estate Advisory Group in Atlanta.

MBA Studies: Real Estate and Entrepreneurship

Best Goizueta memory: It’s happened a bunch of times but I just love sitting in the Commons or walking through the Commons so that I can see my classmates and cut up with them. These two years have been an educational experience, yes, but they’ve been an awesome experience to get to know some great people too.

Why Goizueta: I was looking for a school that was ranked well, had a good real estate program, and had a strong sense of community. Goizueta, more than any of the other places I visited, had a tangible sense of community. Within the first couple of weeks I knew that I had made the right choice.

Best career skill learned at Goizueta: Leadership is about taking initiative so, when I see something that needs to be done, I don’t wait to see if it gets done anymore … I go ahead and get it done.

Best trip experience: Social Enterprise isn’t necessarily about having some novel idea that in and of itself benefits people. The actual business idea is just a medium through which you can do that. Being a social enterprise means that you have decided that your business will be set up to do good things.