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Photo used in the Investment Plan and Marketing materials for This I Know. Credit: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

Telling Stories that Matter: How I Pursued My Passion for Entrepreneurship and Social Impact through a Directed Study

By combining business acumen, detail oriented and strategic mindset and passion for entrepreneurship and social impact, Molly McDonald was able to quickly drive progress forward. Matched by creating a tight knit team that was aligned on short term actions they were able to accomplish their ultimate goal – develop a budget and investment plan that could be leveraged to raise awareness and capital to bring a film focused on community and acceptance to life.

A Civic Dinners Zoom call

Conversations, Compassion, and Change

As Social Enterprise Fellows with The Roberto C. Goizueta Business and Society Institute, we are always excited for opportunities to actively engage with Goizueta’s efforts to build a “more equitable and climate-smart world.” So when the Institute hosted a series of Civic Dinners as part of their virtual launch earlier...