The Best One-Year MBA Programs in the USA

One-Year MBA programs are a great way to get a full-time MBA experience with less career interruption. As the name suggests, One-Year MBA programs are completed in 12 months. These programs, however, are not for everyone and the best One-Year MBA programs in the USA are highly selective.

What is a One-Year MBA Program?

A One-Year MBA program is a full-time MBA that can be completed in 12 months. It delivers a full-time MBA experience in an accelerated MBA scheduled. This means completion of the same curriculum (core courses and elective course options) as a traditional full-time MBA but with less time for career exploration.

One-Year MBA Programs in the USA do not provide time to complete an internship. As such, this type of program is best suited for those who are continuing in their existing industry and field but want to accelerate their careers. It is also appropriate for entrepreneurs looking to grow or launch a business or those working in a family business and for sponsored students (those that already have a full-time job and their company is sponsoring them through an MBA program). A One-Year MBA program is not suited for those pursuing roles in industries that traditionally hire from their internship pool. These include but are not limited to consulting firms and investment banking firms.

Best One-Year MBA Programs in the USA

There are fewer One-Year MBA Programs in the USA than traditional two-year MBA programs. As such, these programs tend to be highly selective. Goizueta Business School delivers a highly-ranked One-Year MBA (#8 by College Consensus). While it is an accelerated MBA program, Goizueta delivers a full MBA experience including consulting projects with real-world clients, a global immersion, and an intensive leadership program that includes a US Army ropes course and sailing in the Virgin Islands.

Goizueta’s One-Year MBA program also provides students with a dedicated career coach that begins working with them before they set foot on campus to architect a personal career plan. Goizueta delivers a STEM curriculum in the Business Analysis track which makes possible a 24-month extension of post-completion OPT, offering a total potential eligibility of up to 36 months OPT for students on F1 visa.

If you think a One-Year MBA program in the USA may be right for you, learn more about Goizueta’s One-Year MBA program and talk to a Goizueta admissions advisor.