Top 5 things I learned during remote learning

  1. Racquel Waite on a cruise heading to Jamaica (pre-COVID-19)

    On a cruise heading to Jamaica (pre-COVID-19)

    It’s important to create and stick to a routine to stay “sane.” When school went virtual after Spring Break, I went about my days as if nothing had changed. I still got up early, had breakfast and got dressed (as if I were actually going to school). After classes, I would workout using videos I found on YouTube, instead of going to the gym. Of course, after a long day of classes and assignments, I would relax by either bingeing some reality TV show or reading a book. Sticking to a routine made life seem more “normal” than it actually was.

  2. It’s important to make the effort to connect and find creative ways of doing so. I found myself reaching out to friends, whom I had only been texting prior to the pandemic, for Zoom and FaceTime calls. These calls were exactly what I needed at the time to feel connected to others while being home. One of these calls with my best friends actually lasted five hours! On the same note, a critical part of the business school experience is building a network, so it’s also important to make an effort to connect with classmates. I’ve been doing that over Zoom and recently saw a few classmates in person (don’t worry! We all wore masks and took them off for a quick picture, below).
  3. I learned that the Goizueta Business School faculty sincerely cares for the students. This was clear before, but it became even more evident during the pandemic. First, our professors were well-prepared to transition to virtual classes. I found my virtual classes to be just as engaging as the in-person ones, though, I would’ve preferred to be in-person the entire time. Additionally, the program office kept us informed every step of the way through emails and Zoom calls. I took this for granted until I started my internship and spoke to peers from other programs who didn’t have the same experience.
  4. Doing my own gel manicures

    Though the life of a business school student is extremely busy, it’s important to take the time to focus on the things we enjoy doing (interests outside of work/school). For me, that’s cosmetology, specifically manicures. A few weeks into the pandemic, I invested in a gel manicure system and started doing my own gel manicures (pictured).

  5. Last, and most important: this pandemic may not have been what we wanted, but perhaps it would be more manageable if we look at it as something we needed? We are resilient and we will be better for it when it’s over (and it will end!). I’ve spent time reflecting about what it is that I want to learn from this experience and take with me when we’re on the other side. I think that’s something we can all do to make this strange time (that’s so drawn out at this point) more meaningful. Some things I want to take with me out of this are: patience and hopefulness.
Racquel Waite

Racquel Waite

Racquel Waite, originally from Jamaica, came to America 10 years ago to attend Colgate University in upstate New York. Racquel was an M&A equity analyst in New York City before attending Goizueta Business School. She interned at Liberty Mutual in the summer of 2020 and is going into her second year at Goizueta.