Author: Racquel Waite

Full-time ’20 and ’21, and one-year ’21 students with Professor Jan Barton (right corner) after touring a samba school in Rio de Janeiro

GEM Experience in Brazil

As the day for MSMs approached, tensions grew high. “Would we still be able to go to South Korea or would the trip be canceled?” I wondered. The coronavirus was already spreading at an alarming rate through Asia and threatened our prospect of exploring business and culture in an Asian country. Given that I spent a semester in China while in college, I was really looking forward to immersing myself in another Asian country’s culture and business practices. It soon became clear that it would be too dangerous to travel to South Korea, and the trip was unfortunately canceled....

Top 5 things I learned during remote learning

Top 5 things I learned during remote learning

It’s important to create and stick to a routine to stay “sane.” When school went virtual after Spring Break, I went about my days as if nothing had changed. I still got up early, had breakfast and got dressed (as if I were actually going to school). After classes, I would workout using videos I found on YouTube, instead of going to the gym. Of course, after a long day of classes and assignments, I would relax by either bingeing some reality TV show or reading a book. Sticking to a routine made life seem more “normal” than it...