Author: Kegan Baird

Kegan (right) and some Deloitte colleagues at the Habitat for Humanity GALA

Atlantalytics: Looking Back On An Unforgettable MBA Experience

My MBA journey began in the heat of the pandemic and ended far too quickly. While I have moved back into the corporate world, I wanted to reflect on my experience. You could call it closure to help process my MBA experiences and transfer them into lessons and new goals. I hope that this will prepare anyone who is considering an advanced degree to get the most out of their experience.

Goizueta MBA students enjoying downtown Breckenridge

Atlantalytics: 5 Leadership Lessons From An MBA Ski Trip

Contrary to the name, business school is not all business. In fact, some of the best parts of business school aren’t business-related at all. Sure, there are countless hours spent working on assignments, networking, and interviewing. Still, there are plenty of gaps in between to go back to that college...

Goizueta Business School

Atlantalytics: Work And School And The Transition In-Between

At first, it may seem silly to give up two years of pay to return to school. After all, there are droves of information and learnings now available online. Still, there are nearly 200,000 students who make this very decision in getting their MBA each year. Most of these individuals...

Keystone Welcomes Students Back to Campus

What’s better than taking a couple of years off work to go back to school? How about not having to show up to class on your first day back to school because your entire class is volunteering in the local Atlanta community? The annual Keystone event provides second-year MBA students...