Marissa – Experiencing South Africa Day 1

Starting off our first full day in Jozi in Soweto. Vilakazi Street was the hotbed of student anti-Apartheid activism in the 60’s, as well as home to heroes of the movement like Nelson Mandela.


We had a chance to visit a primary school that Goizueta has established a relationship with. I think this is a lot of my classmates’ favorite part of the trip so far. The children were all beautiful and full of questions about life in the states. High fives, thumbs up, hugs and big smiles all around!Seeing these kids smile brings perspective to life and everything we strive to do at Goizueta.

We’d been warned that the Apartheid museum is a very emotional experience. It started from the beginning, when my ticket identified me as “Non-white” and I was herded through a door separate from the classmate I’d just been chatting with.

Day 1 – 7:50pm: Awesome dinner at Moyo, pan-African restaurant. Lots of chatter about everyone’s favorite moments so far. It’s only been one day and SAfrica has been an amazing experience!