Ben – Experiencing Nicaragua Day 2

Los Robles – We’re waiting for the health clinic to start and getting handshakes and hugs from everybody that comes in. See the baseball field in the background? It’ll be getting much more use in a little bit.

Keep in mind that this is a Sunday morning. Look how many people are here!

Remember I told you there’d be baseball?

On the backside of the baseball field, some graffiti artists from Managua are working with Communidad Connect to paint a mural on the wall.

Finca El Peten – Oro Verde is one of the best tracts on the farm. The coffee here sells for a premium because of how good the soil is.

After our farm tour, we get a little nice surprise!

These are the types of things your mother hates to know that you’ve done but it’s too much fun to pass up (and quite a nice breeze).

Nacatamale – Bear with me because the video is pretty dark, but in it you’ll see how to make a nacatamale. We’ll see the fruits of our labor in the morning.