Ben – Experiencing Nicaragua Day 3

El Comedor de Finca El Peten – A late night of drinking rum and singing songs while playing guitar is quickly mended thanks to a hearty (and I mean, HEARTY) nacatamale. Kelly is the one making the nacatamale in the video from last night.

Los Robles –  The ladies were kind enough to grind us some cacao to drink. While Ty’s won’t actually say it, her face does: the drink is pretty tough to get down. Very mealy and you kinda feel like you’re inhaling cacao dust every time you take a sip.

Beneficio – While this may look like a bunch of coffee (and it is) there are literally dozens more benificios just like these on the roads around Jinotega.

The first step is unloading the bags as they come in from the various farms. Those bags weigh 150lbs each! I think these dudes are showing off for our ladies because they keep bowing their chests out a little too big and grunting a little too loud!

It’s not too hard of a process; just sorting, sorting, some more sorting, and, oh yes, a little bit more sorting until you get all the beans grouped into a uniform size.

These ladies are working hard and look exhausted once their lunch break finally comes!

I strongly suggest “cupping” coffee if you ever get a chance. It’s sometimes hard to tell a difference but these guys do it all day, every day, and they notice verrrry minute differences.


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