Evening MBA Week in the Life: Alex Hale – Tuesday


7:45 am: I’m driving through midtown Atlanta on my daily trek from my apartment in Buckhead to downtown for work.  Efficiently navigating Peachtree Street is a puzzle I have yet to solve, though.

8:15 am: I made it to the parking deck.  Next, I am headed up to the 37th floor.  It’s going to be another hectic day.

5 pm: I left work early so I could run over to campus and meet with my advisor Amy.  We are registering for our first electives in the Fall.  Amy was a great resource to help with class selection.  We also discussed some exciting study abroad opportunities.  I am leaning towards signing up for a trip to China at this point.

6 pm: I made it to my backup gym in Ansley Park.  I need a quick workout so I can get home and look at some research for my group project.  We only have another 4 weeks to put together a presentation for Adult Swim a division of Turner Broadcasting.

8 pm: I’m hanging out with one of my roomies Drew while I do research.  His week is obviously a lot less busy than mine as he is apparently enjoying a glass of red wine.  Drew is headed to Portland tomorrow with his family to play golf and visit the West coast.