Evening MBA Week in the Life: Alex Hale – Wednesday


6:30 am: I am headed to the gym.  I am really enjoying the balmy weather in Atlanta this week.  Luckily, warmer weather is on the way.  Hopefully, this is the last week of abnormally cold weather before it warms up for good as Spring arrives.

8 am: I am looking at a familiar site on the way in to work.  I have a lunch meeting on the top floor today.  We are meeting with the consumer brand team for a joint Angel Soft tissue brand meeting.  Angel Soft represents a billion dollar brand for the company.

10 am: I am living in PowerPoint this week.  I have to present to our office buildings national account team after lunch, so I am making some last minute changes to my presentation deck.  I am hoping they can provide me some good feedback from the market for a new product we launched at the beginning of the year.

7 pm: I am sitting in Managerial Economics.  Professor Smith really brings a lot of energy to the class.  Economics is one of my favorite subjects, so I am really enjoying the dialogue between my classmates and the professor.

10:30 pm: I stayed up to watch my favorite pro basketball team the Chicago Bulls put an end to the Miami Heat’s winning streak.  It’s a big win for the team.  I just hope I can get out of bed early tomorrow and make it to the gym.