Last 5 takeaways from b-school

It’s over! My two years at Goizueta have come to an end, and as I write this, I have already received my diploma and am now part of the Emory alumni base. It’s been such a journey with a rollercoaster of plenty of good times and a few tough times. Would I do it again? Of course; what I have gained since onboarding began in the summer of 2016 has been so much. I’ve grown professionally, learned a whole lot, and made some great relationships. Reflecting on my time here, there are a few things that I’d recommend for current and future students:

Number 1: Travel Abroad
While the majority of the class will participate in at least one international mid-semester module, I highly recommend attempting to do another international short-course. As a matter of fact, this is actually one of my biggest regrets as I only went on my MSM; by the time I had decided to participate in a January short course before the spring semester began, it was full. Not only does it satisfy academic requirements, but it’s another chance to bond with your classmates while taking in another part of the world. I kept telling myself: When is the next time I’ll be able to take this much time off, not feel guilty about it and enjoy it with a large group of friends? MSM of course takes the cake, but if you can do a short-course in January or the spring, I highly recommend it before you regret missing out like I did.

Number 2: Take a Class Outside of Your Concentration/Focus
As a career switcher into finance, I felt pressured to take all finance courses. While loading up on finance did help build up my toolbox, some of my non-finance courses turned out to be super applicable to my internship (and future full-time employment). Product & Brand Management turned out to be super useful in thinking of how an airline can differentiate itself in what some consider a commoditized industry, while Forecasting & Predictive Analytics taught me how to estimate future expenses and costs, something potentially directly applicable to part of my job function at Delta Air Lines.

Number 3: Attend as Many Events as You Can
You hear this a lot, but the two years at Goizueta flies by fast. One of the things I’ll cherish from b-school is the friends and connections I’ve made and trying to attend more and more events helped build these connections. Any sort of face time, whether it’s K.E.G.S., clubs or just catching up after class, can help grow bonds and lead to friendships that’ll last a lifetime, so always take advantage of anything going on at school.

Number 4: Enjoy Atlanta
Coming into school, I knew I wanted to stay in Atlanta, but that was mainly because of family in the area, staying in the South, and enjoying nice weather among other things. However, I had never truly had a chance to experience Atlanta prior to attending Goizueta, and the city has certainly exceeded my expectations. There are so many neighborhoods, each with a different character so that you can get whatever you want. And this place has so many good food options that you’ll always be looking for the next hidden gem. Even if you’re not staying in Atlanta after school, taking advantage of what the city has to offer is something that I definitely enjoyed (and will continue to after school as well).

Number 5: Take a Deep Breath and Enjoy the Moment.
Business school may seem like a lot with prepping for classes, polishing up resumes and cover letters, and balancing life at home. But it can never be said enough … the two years fly by. The people you’re with aren’t just your classmates … they can be your best friends. They’ll be your lifelong connections and network and will always be there to get you out of a bind. So, while it may be overstimulating with everything going on, make sure to take a moment to enjoy those who are there to support and help you, and all the little things in life.

Pritom Das

Pritom Das

Pritom Das is a second-year student in the Full-Time Program concentrating in finance. Prior to attending business school, Pritom worked as a consultant at a global-trade management software firm based out of Mclean, VA following graduation from the University of Virginia. Pritom interned in a corporate finance role with Delta Air Lines during his summer internship, and is excited to be returning there for a full-time role in finance.