Life on the Graduate Business Association

Happy September, everyone! It’s hard to believe the summer is over already, but I’m absolutely thrilled to be back at Goizueta starting my second year in the full-time MBA program. The first few weeks of school have revolved around classes, the start of the recruiting season, and GBS clubs and student activities. I’m heavily involved with one club in particular: the Graduate Business Association.

The Graduate Business Association is a group of elected student leaders whose goal is to improve all aspects of student life at Goizueta, whether through academic, professional or social initiatives. I’ve never been involved with any kind of student government before, but I knew that I wanted to join the GBA almost as soon as I came to Goizueta. Because of the small size and intimate nature of our program, the GBA has the ability to affect real change and significantly impact the quality of student life here.

In my role as vice president of marketing communications and university relations, I’ve worked on a few different projects this year. The first was a photo and video contest to improve social media engagement with our spring Mid-Semester Modules (see below for a few of my favorite winning photos from the contest). The second, which I’m currently working on, is a newsletter highlighting events and accomplishments at GBS that will be distributed to all full-time students on a weekly basis. I worked in journalism before business school, so both of these projects have been really fun for me and have been a perfect opportunity for me to use my skills to contribute to the Goizueta community.

I joined the GBA for one major reason: I love Goizueta. My ultimate goal while I’m here is to leave this school better than I found it. If you speak to anyone else on the 2017-2018 GBA, I think they would tell you the same thing. We have big plans for this year, and I’m excited to see what we can achieve!

Katie Hoppenjans

Katie Hoppenjans

Katie Hoppenjans is a second-year MBA student concentrating in Brand Management. She is originally from Columbus, Ohio and graduated from Columbia University with a degree in English. Before coming to Goizueta, Katie worked as a fashion and beauty editor at a national bridal magazine in New York City. This summer, she will be interning at Georgia-Pacific in their Marketing/General Management program.